Top 10 Brands For Baby Carriers


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Nowadays there are many types and brands of baby carriers. It is quite confusing choosing the right baby carrier that is suited to both you and your baby. The first issue has to be the safety of your baby when using a baby carrier. Second is the comfort, it is very important that you are comfortable and not straining any part of your body while carrying you baby. That is why it is important to listen to the opinions, and experience of those using such carriers below is a summary of the shared experiences of mothers using them although listed as a top ten they each have their own qualities and as such are equally as important as each other.

1. Beco Baby Carrier

Beco Butterfly 2 Organic is very popular especially in the US as it made by one of the companies in the USA. This type of baby carries is ideal for newborns up to young toddlers. This type of carrier has a solid head support for the baby and is very good for infants, you can also remove it if you think it is not needed. It has shoulder straps that are made by soft materials and buckles that will make the baby more secure and prevents from slipping down as the baby is properly wrap securely in your body. Also when the baby grows older Beco Butterfly 2 Organic is made to adjust and accommodate your baby as it grows older, as well as padded waist belt which protect mummies back and side of the body.

2.Moby Wrap

What is good about Moby wrap is its affordability to the people and it helps enhance the bond of the mother and the baby. It is very comfortable to wear and is made on a strong fabric. It can be worn in different ways keeping the baby close to the mother’s body. It is ideal for newborns up to 16 kg ideally up to 4 months old babies only. It is very convenient to mum that is busy and is always moving around the house at the same time making sure that there babies are safe and close to them.

3. Baby Hawk Mei Tai Carrier

Historically, Baby Hawk Mei Tai is a traditional Chinese baby carrier’s that is strap on the waist and should of the mother to carry the baby securely and with comfort. Partly made of a very strong fabric to support the baby and is wearable in many ways.

4. Boba Baby Carrier

Boba baby carrier is ideal for a baby who weighs 15-45 lbs or 7-20 kg. The baby can be carried on the front or on the back. It supports the baby very well especially at the back because it is designed to have a high back for overall support. It is very comfortable to use as it is made out of soft materials that won’t rub into the skin. Also it supports baby’s feet as they have a foot straps that will support baby’s feet and legs.

5. EllaRoo

EllaRoo is pattern from different types of baby carrier all over the world. They offer different style of baby carriers that is made for mothers to be stylish and very modern. EllaRoo is made up of very good materials and doesn’t use toxic dyes in there products.

6. Patapum

Like any other baby carriers this brand stands outs when talking about baby carries. Freedom, Comfort and Style is there motto in making this type of baby carriers popular not just to mummies but also to daddies as well.

7. Hoopediz

Hoopediz is a popular brand for baby slings and wraps. The materials are very soft and durable made exactly for comfort not only for the babies but for mummies as well. The color has been made sure that it is not easily worn out and will last longer.

8. Bara Barn

Bara Barn is known for its light and convenient to use. It is designed to protect the back and shoulders of mummies when carrying there babies using this type of baby carrier. It is also used as a shawl, blanket and many others. It can be washed and very handy to carry when kept in the bag it doesn’t take space at all.

9. Manduca

Manduca carriers are another brand for a baby that is popular to mums all over the world. It is designed to give comfort to the mummy and baby. Having extra large belt for the hips and shoulder make it very convenient to carry the baby around. It is made out of cotton and in very soft materials.

10. Scootababy

Scootababy is one quite expensive type of baby carriers but with quality and durability that you can depend on. Very easy to use made to comfort the baby and the mum.


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