The Benefits of Babywearing by Joe Rooney


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Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or other type of child carrier. Babywearing is far from new and has been practiced for centuries around the world.

The Benefits of Babywearing

The experts agree! Wearing your baby enhances your baby’s sense of well-being and development and makes your parenting experience so much more enjoyable and stress free. Studies have shown that babies who are worn by their parents are more attached, more observant and as a result they cry less and learn quicker.

Babywearing also allows the wearer to have two free hands to take care of other tasks while caring for the baby’s need to be held or breastfed. Babywearing offers a safer alternative carrying a car seat or placing it on a shopping cart. It also allows children to be involved in more social interactions and to see their surroundings from a better vantage point.

The weight of the child is also spread more evenly across your body making it more comfortable than carrying your child in your arms or car seat.

Unfounded Fear of Spinal Damage from Upright Baby Carriers

Some parents who want to carry their children in baby carriers are warned that they may cause spinal damage. However, the only scientific studies conducted on this issue show that the fear of spinal damage from baby carriers is unfounded.

Babywearing Safety

Parents who wear their babies must be aware of external hazards, like ice, debris, uneven sidewalks, etc. Babies also have more freedom of movement, compared to that of a stroller or car seat, so parents must also watch to prevent the ever curious hands of their child to make sure they aren’t grabbing for something dangerous.

Proper position in the carrier is important for the infant’s growth and development. Some sources express concern that carriers which put all of a baby’s weight on a narrow band of fabric between the legs may cause problems with spinal growth, and recommend carriers which distribute the infant’s weight between the hips and thighs.

In general, when wearing a baby it is important to stay attentive to the baby. Parents need a little more space to turn around to avoid bumping the baby .Babies on the back may be able to reach things that the wearer cannot see. Carriers must be fit snugly and properly to avoid your child from squirming out. But babywearing can actually improve safety in crowded areas, by keeping a child attached to the parent and unable to run, if the urge strikes them.

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